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mercoledì 2 aprile 2014

CHRISTIAN LOEFFLER - All Comes / Notes - Ki Records

discosafari - CHRISTIAN LOEFFLER - All Comes / Notes - Ki Records

Before his upcoming extended EP Christian Löffler returns with this seven inch sized record. Just like its unusual format this release features two unique pieces of music and an artwork created by Löffler himself.
As on his debut album “A Forest“, he teamed up once more with Danish vocalist Gry Bagøien. The result is an outstanding and beautiful house track born by her fairylike singing and gloomy chord stabs. A more than worthy follow-up to their first collaboration, “Feelharmonia” on the debut album,
The B-side to the vinyl is a dark interpretation of Löffler’s work. As a massive fan of Monokle, who has previously released on Ki-Records, Christian was very happy to have him remix “Notes”. With his very own aesthetics Monokle gives it his sinister touch establishing himself as one of the most interesting remixers around.
The original track “Notes” will appear on the upcoming Christian Löffler EP.


1 - All Comes
2 - Notes (Monokle Remix)

lunedì 31 marzo 2014

MUSHROOMS PROJECT - Psilocybe Odyssey Pt 1 & 2 - Opilec Music

Discosafari - MUSHROOMS PROJECT - Psilocybe Odyssey Pt 1 & 2 - Opilec Music

Next up on the hard working Opilec Music label is a two-part EP from Psilocybe Odyssey, aka Italians Giorgio Giri and Marco Lentano. This pair has worked together for over a decade; take their inspiration from the likes of the Idjut Boys and Mateo & Matos and have DJ’ed in top clubs in Ibiza, the UK and Berlin.
In 2008 they started producing music and soon hooked up with labels like Bear Funk, Electric Minds and Under The Shade, today Mushrooms Project is a name known around the globe as a go to for slo-mo electronica. The pair do deep, druggy, chunky mid tempo grooves, sometimes more Balearic, sometimes just hypnotic, but always with plenty of charm. Their first album has just been released by Leng Records but here they drop a rather special selection for Turin based label Opilec Music.
All tracks here are long musical journeys that are made from acoustic instruments like flutes (played by Luca Roccatagliati, a member of Italian duo Ajello and Dimitri From Paris collaborator), hang drums (by Marco Selvaggio), bass, guitars (by Ivan “King” Torelli and Francesco Copelli) and percussion and make for truly magical and soothing listening.
‘Odyssey I’ (another version of which was included in the We Are Opilec...! Vol. II compilation) is a lush bit of summery sound awash with lazy, rippling guitar riffs, twinkling cosmic soul and blissed out Balearic vibes. It swells and flows perfectly naturally, with big and dramatic bass notes dropping in to change direction just when needed.
‘Odyssey II’ is a more purposeful track with a compelling mid tempo kick drum driving the whole thing along. Above it various drum hits, echoing guitar riffs and silvery bits of percussion all help to create a truly soothing, cosmic bit of music.
‘Odyssey III’ is a perfect slow-mo chugger of the sort that DJs including Andrew Weatherall and Ewan Pearson will no doubt love – it’s deep and full of reverb, is peppered with rich sounding percussion and glowing guitars. It transports you to a heavenly place as soon as it starts playing and goes through many subtle evolutions throughout its 15 minutes run time.
Last but by no means least, ‘Odyssey IV’ flutters and sparkles as it lazily rolls on lumpy drums. The distant sound of vocals bring plenty of human atmosphere to proceedings as golden strings and low-down riffs all work you into a hip swaying place of musical heavenliness.
This is pure and perfect music that sooths mind, body and soul in a truly magical fashion from start to finish.


Pt. I - 1. Mushrooms Project - Odyssey I
Pt. I - 2. Mushrooms Project - Odyssey II

Pt. II - 1. Mushrooms Project - Odyssey III
Pt. II - 2. Mushrooms Project - Odyssey IV


Discosafari - MOTOR CITY DRUM ENSEMBLE - Raw Cuts Remixes - MCDE

The label say: "It's been 6 years since Danilo Plessow aka Motor City Drum Ensemble first emerged on the scene with his debut 12inch released on his own MCDE Recordings imprint. Appropriately titled "Raw Cuts", the two tracks would start a series of raw house jams Danilo made in his studio using old school samplers and drum machines, a sound that at the time was far away from being status quo. Having been heavily influenced by Soul, Jazz, House and Techno emerging from both the Motor City and beyond, Danilo found his signature sound: sample-based, raw, emotional and mature tracks.

MCDE released two more "Raw Cuts" twelve inches in the coming years and it wouldn't be wrong to call them modern house classics - each of the records found support from all over the globe, from Moodymann to Gilles Peterson, and especially the last record of the series (Raw Cuts #5 & #6) was just everywhere in the year 2010.

What better way to end a concept series than to invite some people to remix those tracks? People that inspired him to do this music in the first place: Marcellus Pittman of 3 Chairs fame, Mike Huckaby, one of Detroit`s house heroes and synth nerd per excellence, and lastly Recloose, whose unique approach to the Detroit sound has been a favorite of Danilo for years.

With a package this strong we will not bore you with more praise - just listen and enjoy."


1. Marcellus Pittman Remix
2. Mike Huckaby Remix
3. Recloose Remix

HTRK - Psychic 9-5 Club - Ghostly International

discosafari - HTRK - Psychic 9-5 Club - Ghostly International

Psychic 9-5 Club marks the beginning of a new chapter for HTRK. It's an album that looks back on a time of sadness and struggle, and within that struggle they find hope and humour and love. It's Jonnine Standish and Nigel Yang's first album recorded entirely as a duo—former band member Sean Stewart died halfway through the recording of their last LP, 2011's Work (Work Work).
Though the record is instantly recognisable as HTRK—Standish's vocal delivery remains central to the band's sound, while the productions are typically lean and dubby—they've found ample room for exploration within this framework. Gone are the reverb-soaked guitar explorations of 2009's Marry Me Tonight and the fuzzy growls that ran through Work (Work Work). They've been replaced with something tender, velvety and polished. This is HTRK, but the flesh has been stripped from their sound, throwing the focus on naked arrangements and minimalist sound design.
The album was recorded at Blazer Sound Studios in New Mexico with Excepter's Nathan Corbin, who had previously directed the video clip for Work (Work Work) cut "Bendin." Inviting a third party into their world was no easy decision, but in Corbin they found a kindred spirit. The LP was then refined and reworked in Australia at the turn of 2013, before the finishing touches were applied in New York during the summer.
Of all the themes that run through Psychic 9-5 Club, love is the most central. The word is laced throughout the album in lyrics and titles—love as a distraction, loving yourself, loving others. Standish's lyrics explore the complexities of sexuality and the body's reaction to personal loss, though there's room for wry humour—a constant through much of the best experimental Australian music of the past few decades.
Standish explores her vocal range fully—her husky spoken-word drawl remains, but we also hear her laugh and sing. Equally, Yang's exploratory production techniques—particularly his well-documented love of dub—are given room to shine. They dip headlong into some of the things that make humans tick—love, loss and desire—with the kind of integrity that has marked the band out from day one. Psychic 9-5 Club is truly an album for the body and for the soul.


01 Give It Up
02 Blue Sunshine
03 Feels Like Love
04 Soul Sleep
05 Wet Dream
06 Love Is Distraction
07 Chinatown Style
08 The Body You Deserve

venerdì 28 marzo 2014

FANTASTIC MR FOX - On My Own - Black Acre

discosafari - FANTASTIC MR FOX - On My Own - Black Acre

Fantastic Mr Fox returns home to deliver his most ambitious work to date. Here combining with much hyped new folk voice Denai Moore to produce a heart break anthem with genuine emotional impact. Fantastic Mr Fox underpins Denai's electronically warped siren song with soaring choral stabs and desolate bass-work.
Already leaked by none other than Jamie XX late last year, overwhelming demand has drawn this song into the light. On the flip Fantastic Mr Fox returns to familiar territory with cheeky club smasher "Broke" drawing heavily on his break jacking roots in Hip Hop.
Very soon on Black Acre!


1. On My Own feat. Denai Moore
2. Broke

Podcast #20 - Hurri Cane at Kundaluna

Escape from the city and drive until you get lost in the mountains. There’s a place where nature still rules gently on everyday life and where strange creatures move through the woods remembering you to love and be loved. In that place, there’s a valley hidden in the embrace of rocks and streams and there you can find peace. There you can find strength and inspiration and joy! Just go through the doors of a magical place called Kundaluna. Open your dj bag and spin some tunes for 3 hours without thinking to anything else, just led by the music you hear inside. Now this music came back to the city and it’s ready to make you feel good!
Listen & Download this pure live recording made by "Hurri Cane" at Kundaluna, featuring Lou Reed, Suuns, Munk & Rebolledo, Metronomy, Moodymann and a bunch of other masters of our times.

Francesca Basile 

CLAY WILSON - The Bunker New York 002 - The Bunker New York

discosafari - CLAY WILSON - The Bunker New York 002 - The Bunker New York

Clay Wilson’s life story is, for the most part, a mystery. Little is known about the 24-year-old producer, who began turning heads with mesmerizing tracks from his home base in Brooklyn last year. The deeply psychedelic groove of Clay’s debut release for Brooklyn's Styles Upon Styles’ Bangers and Ash series immediately caught our attention.
Before Wilson started making techno, he studied improvisation at music school in upstate New York. Wilson played bass, studying with noted jazz musicians who had worked with Ornette Coleman, Alice Coltrane, Herbie Hancock, and many artists who recorded for the ECM label. He counts Coleman, Coltrane, and Art Ensemble of Chicago among his major inspirations. You can sense the subtle traces of Wilson’s avant-garde jazz training in his techno. You can hear the shifting layers of intriguing textures in the music, his deep understanding of the low end, of arranging and composition, of form. “Understanding the foundation of form has allowed me to not worry so much about putting loops into a full ‘song’, which seems to be a common thing with electronic music,” he says. “I think the textures kind of come from trying to get away from standard musical ideas.”
While nerding out over our mutual love of fine craft beers and deep techno, we asked Wilson to create some music for our (then hypothetical) new label, and he obliged, in spades. Wilson was already a big fan of The Bunker, and a regular at our parties. He had already started making music before experiencing The Bunker, but the sound of the party inspired him massively, and helped him to refine his own aesthetic. He was deeply moved by Bunker sets by Voices From The Lake, Demdike Stare, Peter Van Hoesen, the Interdimensional Transmissions crew, Bee Mask, Atom™, Tobias, and many more.Wilson sent a lot of music our way over the next few months, and what you have here are our three favorites, culled from the pile with help from our resident DJ Eric Cloutier.


A1. E4
B1. Socorro
B2. Oizumi